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About Us CNC Manufacturing In Los Angeles

Mar Engineering is a state of the art precision CNC machine shop dedicated to customer service and quality. With state of the art technology and over 50 years of experience, we offer our customers exceptional quality and on time delivery, at very competitive prices.

Our production capabilities are 100% complete from manufacturing blueprint to final assembly, including outside finishing processes and other special procedures that may be required.

CNC Manufacturing In Los Angeles
CNC Manufacturing In Los Angeles

Mar Engineering today is the product of years of confidence and exceptionally well trained personnel dedicated to making sure our products exceeds the customers’ requirements.

Mar Engineering will continue with our steady growth and build upon our success with the implementation of our lean principles and the continuous improvement process.

We at Mar Engineering feel that customer service is priority number one.

Mar Engineering recognizes that quality and delivery are critical components to the success of our customers, and have focused on providing impeccable on-time delivery, while maintaining the highest level of product quality. In doing so, we have received many acknowledgements and awards from our customers.

With the lean initiatives in place, Mar Engineering will continue our tradition of outstanding customer service, state of the art manufacturing, excellent quality, on time delivery and continuous improvement process into the 21st century.

This is what makes the difference.

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