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Exceptional Quality Since 1957 CNC Manufacturing In Los Angeles, California

Quality assurance is an integral part of the CNC manufacturing process at Mar Engineering in Los Angeles.

Mar Engineering’s quality team works directly with manufacturing engineering to establish the proper inspection points for all fabrication processes and to assure that the quality is integrated into the entire manufacturing process.

To assist the quality team and CNC manufacturing team, Mar Engineering has developed an extensive quality assurance department, equipped with an arsenal of inspection equipment which includes two Mitutoyo Coordinate Measuring Machines with .0002 accuracy over 27” X 24” X 18” envelope. In addition, our quality department is equipped with a wide range of digital and analog inspection equipment ranging from the optical comparator, surface finish measuring, micrometers, bore gauge, air gauges and much more.

CNC Manufacturing In Los Angeles
CNC Manufacturing In Los Angeles

Committed To Customer Service And Quality – Mar Engineering in Los Angeles

The entire manufacturing process at our CNC machine shop in Los Angeles, California is based on customer service and our commitment to quality.

It is substantiated by our sustained overall acceptance rating of 99%+ and our partnering with two of our largest customers to ship Dock-To-Stock. Our company based in North Hollywood in the city of Los Angeles, has a reputation among our customers for exceptional quality for over 60 years, this tradition continues with quality precision machining that our customers can rely on.

This is what makes the difference.

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